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I know you may need a little pick me up right now and in an effort to serve you the best way I can, I've partnered with a professional hair-color company to send you professional, formulated-for-you color, sent straight to your door so you can touch up your roots while you are waiting for my studio to re-open. 

Don't worry! I will order the custom color for you, ship it to your door and send you a training video to show you how to apply it without making a mess or destroying your existing color!


Fill out the Color Kit Request Form!

If you are an existing client I have your formula and I can match it. We have the option of scheduling a virtual consultation as well if we need to. 

If you are a new client we will schedule a virtual consultation so I can get to know you and your hair!

Once the virtual consultations are done and your color is matched, I I will send out your custom Color Kit!


The Color Kit has 2 applications per kit and comes with everything you need!

-Mixing bowl

-Color brush

-Hair color gloves

-Processing cap 

I will also send you a training video via email that will show you exactly how to use the kit without making a mess and destroying your current color!

Color Kit Request Form

Thank You! I will be reaching out to you shortly!



Shipping is Free! 

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